Real vacation. Sea, sun, nature, history and you.

It will change your opinion about a vacation.

Do you like cultural tourism, do you prefer sea and sun or are you interesting in nature?

When we say the word Holidays (vacation) in front of us appear ingrained frames. Frames are so ingrained that can't be change, the frames, which may even contradict human nature. Therefore, we are coming back from vacation, not relaxed as it should, sometimes even more tired. If you are one of those who prefer the sea and sun, you can go back from vacation without seeing nature around you and not even touched the ground under  your feet. If you choose the cultural tours, you could not see the sun and the sea and you must take along the bottle of water.

Now forget all your frames that you knew before. It is time to have a completely new type of holiday, to meet with absolutely new understanding to the rest and a new experience in your life.

Thurmer Resort Hotel; 2 King Suite, 4 suites and 65 standard bungalow-type rooms at your service.